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14 people killed in a 24 hour mark in Tijuana border city in Mexico

@ Google

Fourteen violent deaths was the balance in less than 24 hours in Tijuana between Wednesday afternoon and yesterday morning in different parts of the city.

Venezuelans raising their new homes in temporary settlements in Colombia

@ Luis Morillo

In search of more economic leases, the Venezuelans who migrate advance to the informal settlements located in the peripheries of the cities of Colombia. In these communities they live with displaced Colombians victims of the armed conflict. In La Fortaleza, in Cúcuta, 800 families live, of which 300 are Venezuelan. The lack of basic services and legal access to land puts these people in a risk zone.

Maduro announces closure of Venezuelan embassy in USA

@ Belga

Acting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Thursday that the embassy and all consulates of his country in the United States will close. Maduro broke the diplomatic ties with the US before, because Washington recognized Juan Guaido, who declared himself the interim president.

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