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14 people killed in a 24 hour mark in Tijuana border city in Mexico

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Fourteen violent deaths was the balance in less than 24 hours in Tijuana between Wednesday afternoon and yesterday morning in different parts of the city.

At 06:05 yesterday, elements of the Attorney General’s Office of the State (PGJE) went to a neighbourhood road located on Acapulco Boulevard, in the Lázaro Cárdenas ejido, where they discovery three killed men.

The experts carried out the corresponding review and it was confirmed that there were three corpses with traces of violence, which were not identified.

In the first minutes after midnight, residents of the Popocatépetl Avenue in the Camino Verde neighbourhood reported a black plastic bag abandoned on a public road, which contained a cardboard package in the plastic bag.

Expert reviewed the content in the cardboard package and verified that it had a female corpse inside, accompanied by a cardboard with a threatening message from the cartels.

Moments later, at 1:47 hours, a male body was located at the intersection of the Rosarito-Tijuana Transpeninsular highway, at the height of Colonia La Gloria.

According to experts reports, the victim was wrapped in a blanket and tied with tape, with multiple gunshots shot entry holes at the body.

In another incident, at 03:44 AM, a man who was not identified was attacked with bullets in the avenue Corredor 2000 annexed, in the Francisco Villa ejido colony.

Upon the arrival of the Red Cross paramedics, they tried to provided first aid to the injured men, of around 25 years old, which was later declared dead because of the gunshots.

At 10:30 am, a dead male body was found in the area of ​​the canalization of the Alamar fast track, at the height of the Camino al Vergel bridge.

The corpse was discovered in a state of decomposition, however, bruises were seen, so the first versions indicate that it was a homicide.

Another triple homicide was reported at 2:30 pm on Tlapayan Street, corner with Vicente Guerrero, in the Mariano Matamoros neighbourhood.

The victims, two men and one woman, received multiple violent gunshot wounds and, after being checked by Red Cross rescue workers, they were declared dead.

On “Margaritas boulevard”, in the Lomas de San Antonio neighbourhood, at 15:00 PM, a piece of a jaw and arm were found abandoned on a public road, the rest of the body has not been located.

Deaths on Wednesdays

At 16:25 pm on Wednesday, experts from the PGJE arrived at a neighbourhood road in Colonia Francisco Zarco, when they found a male corpse in a state of decomposition.

In addition to being in a state of decomposition, it was detailed by experts that the body showed signs of exposure to fire.

Elsewhere in the city, in the El Rubí neighbourhood, a man identified as Gerardo Daniel Pérez was killed inside a mechanical workshop, after receiving a bullet wound in the thorax and back.

A tenth execution was recorded on Insurgents street in the Buena Vista neighbourhood, at 23:41 PM, when Javier Tapia Medina was shot outside his home and later declared lifeless by paramedics.

We can all say that Mexico as a country is not safe to travel, maybe on the spots of tourism it is safe because of mass police presence but! On the other spots in the country it is just not safe as you think it would be. And this is a border town with the United states.