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Breaking: Up to two and a half years in prison for four Yellow Vests in Caen

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Caen – France On December 29, the blocking of a Supermarket and smashing store windows with dozens of stones, also an fire extinguishers and carts had been launched against police forces.

Four yellow vests were sentenced Friday by the court of corrections in Caen to terms ranging from nine months to between two and a half years in prison, including for intentional injuries on police officers.

The most heavily convicted man, a 31-year-old welder, was found guilty of attempting to lit a fire at an gas station, assaulting and beating police officers. He was kept in detention.

The others are sentenced for the same acts, with the exception of the attempting a fire for which only one defendant was prosecuted. A 28-year-old interim worker with four children is sentenced to one and a half years in jail and will remain in detention. A 40-year-old unemployed person with a batting locker is sentenced to one year and a 20-year-old farm worker with a blank register is sentenced to nine months.

The suspects were detained since January 11, “that I do not qualify as Yellow Vests, were motivated by the desire to do mass damage” and “sought to physically farm the police forces,” said the prosecutor’s assistant Mathilde Defretin.

Forty vehicles were totally destroyed

The day of the facts on Saturday, December 29, the blocking action of a Supermarket had destroyed some windows with a dozens of stones, fire extinguishers and carts were been launched against police forces. Six military police officers, who were out of service for one to three days of ITT, multiple officers at the protest, had been injured. The police forces had identified 150 to 200 demonstrators including 10 to 20 violent once.

Forty police officers vehicles were impacted, thirty on another. A stone of 100 cm2 had been found in the trunk and of one of these vehicles after crossing impacts between the wind shields.

The prosecution office will take notes of the situation

The defendants are sentenced of a joint pay of 7,200 euros each to the six injured police officers, nearly 5,000 euros to the gas station and about 9,000 euros to the Supermarket. “In December out of 10 police guards (during yellow vests events), we had only one who had a locker. Today we have only one virgin record (out of four defendants). This is the evolution of profiles, “added Mathilde Defretin.

The prosecutor “presents the defendants as thugs. I do not agree. What brings them together is great family and personal suffering, “said Sarah Balouka, the lawyer for the interim.

Also note that in the night from Thursday to Friday, in the Loire, two men claiming the movement were arrested in the flagrante delicto fire of an automatic radar. The 22-year-old and 28-year-old were questioned “as they began firing a radar with fuel-injected tires,” said the prosecutor’s office.