Recently Italian minister of interior went on a Facebook live stream rant to denounce the French President of France and to call for the liberation of the French people on “May 26” with the European elections.

I hope the French will be able to free themselves
From a bad president
France has recalled its ambassador to Italy
A first deputy since the second world war
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounces the unfounded attacks
and outrageous declarations
from the Italian Vice Prime Ministers
On February 5th the Deputy Prime Minister
Luigi Di Maio
Had an meeting in France
With members of the list of yellow vests for the European elections
which challenges that called for a military coup
today it’s up to the military to come into play
to allow the implementation of this transition of government
For months the leader of the populist party M5S, Luigi Di Maio
and the minister of the interior of extreme right Matteo Salvini
openly criticize Emmanuel Macron for the Yellow Vests treatment
I am wholeheartedly with the French people
with the millions of men and women living in France
with a bad government
And with a bad president
I hope that the French will be able to free themselves
From a bad president
They will have the opportunity May 26
when the French people can take control of their future
The European Union had to sanction all countries
who, like France, impoverish the African countries
and cause the departure of these people (the migrants)
I bring all possible support to the French
who, in an educated and respectful way
tell a president who does not think about the interest of the French people
that the sooner he gets home, the better
I hope for the French people who are a great people
that they will come out of this moment of crisis
The fact that Macron was a lab product
invents only to prevent any change on the horizon
seems to me now obvious