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‘Police woman (24) dead after playing Russian roulette with colleague’

@ St. Louis Police

ST. LOUIS – A life-threatening game of Russian roulette, the 24-year-old American agent “Katlyn Alix” has become fatal. Her colleague, Nathan Hendren (29), is suspected of having shot Alix.

Hendren and Alix, according to the accusation, would have played with weapons in Hendren’s home, US media reports. Alix was not at work during the drama. In addition to the suspect and the victim, there was also an other agent in the home, who at that time was employed.

Hendren and Alix played Russian roulette according to the charges. They took all the bullets out of a revolver and then put one back. Then the warehouse was spun and the agents turned over and over again the revolver. When the trigger was pulled for the third time, Alix was hit by a bullet in the chest.

If Hendren is found guilty, he risks a prison sentence of ten years. According to the police, the third agent warned his colleagues, but they did not care about it. Then he decided to leave. When he had just left the house, he heard the firearm go off.

The officers rushed their colleagues to a hospital, where they died shortly afterwards

Further research

Further research should reveal what exactly happened in the home. For example, it is not clear what the agents did in their home during their service. For the time being, the police insist that the weapon ‘accidentally’ went off during the risky game.