Nantes – The protester wounded by undercover police with the knee on the head, like in the movie of “American History X”, was sentenced immediately to 1 year in prison including 6 months without release.

The video, which has become viral on social networks, is chilling. It shows undercover agents continuing and then immobilizing at the protester. Once on the ground, held against the pavement, another agent of the undercover unite arrives, knee forward, and smashes his face against the ground. From then on, his nose breaks and the blood flows heavy, just like a scene of the “American History X” movie. Aware that this scene is a new brilliant proof of police violence, the agents then attack the cameraman, ordering him to to stop the recording.

According to the group who is in solidarity with Simon, he was arrested at 4:47 pm on Saturday in Nantes in France. “Simon spent about 48 hours in police custody, he appeared immediate in court on Monday afternoon having met his lawyer, the same morning he had applied to appeal for it since the day before but did not have any effect. At the end of his judgment, Simon was sentenced to at least 1 year in prison including 6 months without release, he must also pay 400 Euros to the undercover agent who mutilated his face in the name of emotional damages.

But the case does not stop there. According to Presse Océan, the young demonstrator was sentenced, in immediate appearance, to 1 year in prison, including 6 months without release. The reason? The 27-year-old man has been found guilty of intentional committing violence with a weapon against anyone with public authority! Indeed, the court accused him of throwing a stone at police officers and having an hammer in his possession, during his arrest.

After the police violence, it is therefore to the judicial repression that this young protester must undergo, like many other Yellow Vests since the beginning of the movement. For the time being, no information concerning even the opening of an IGPN survey (police policy) has been released. A double standard is explicit, while the justice took only a few days to condemn the demonstrators being seriously injured by the French riot police.