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Two Syrians Kurds were abducted in Istanbul and the suspects demand ransom

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Istanbul – Two young Syrians men were abducted in the Turkish city of Istanbul recently. The kidnappers demanded a large amount of ransom, after sending pictures of the kidnapped people, showing the two young men, Syrian Kurds, with signs of torture.

“Ahmed and his friend Uday, who are from Quminas in the countryside of Idlib, traveled to Turkey two and a half years ago to work, and to pay for the needs of their families living in the liberated north of Syria,” said one of the relatives of the abducted youths. And sending their prayers on them, because of their poor physical condition. “

“As we all know, business in Turkey is not fixed. Young people are always looking for a better job or a bigger opportunity.” (Ahmad) and (Uday) noticed a work announcement on a group on Facebook and on their way to the place mentioned in the announcement, Last Thursday, the two boys disappeared and we did not hear any news from them the employer told the news. “

“He told us that the reason for the abduction was for the money and asked for $ 50,000 for each young man,” he said.

The employer said that “the friends (Ahmed) and (Uday) who live in Turkey, and after their disappearance immediately told the Turkish police, and to give them details of what happened with them.”

“We do not know if the kidnappers were Turks or Syrians, but they sent us two pictures of Ahmad and his friend Uday. They are Syrian Kurds and show signs of beatings and violent torture. Behind them is a Turkish flag. Asking for Paying an huge ransom.”

Millions of Syrians have fled to Turkey to escape the war waged against them by the “Assad forces” and the Iranian militias loyal to them. To secure their livelihood and spending on their people inside Syria.