Two French police officers convicted to Seven years in jail of raping an Canadian Tourist


Two agents of a French elite unit have been sentenced to seven years to jail for the rape of a Canadian tourist. Duo to an abused to the woman from Canada in the police headquarters in Paris.

Victim Emily Spanton (39) had met the police officer in 2014 in a café. She then volunteered to go the nearby police office, where the agents worked for the special BRI unit. Witnesses stated that “Spanton” was obviously confused. Medical research also showed that she had used drugs and antidepressants.

Emily Spanton alleges she was raped by at least two French police officers in a Paris police station in April 2014. French officials are expected to green-light a trial against the two officers this week.  @ (Tara Walton / Toronto Star/GETTY IMAGES)

Witnesses had said that the woman looked cheerful when she entered the office. She seemed upset when she left later and accused the officers of rape immediately. The men themselves claimed that no compulsion and were involved in the sexual abuse acts, but the court did not participate.

The tourist may also have been abused by a third person. By the evidence on her underwear, when DNA was found from an third person, but only the two agents could be identified. They also have to pay the victim large amount of money compensation.

Sotiri Dimpinoudis
Sotiri Dimpinoudis
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