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British Prime Minister May survives a vote of no confidence


 British Prime Minister Theresa May has narrowly survived the confidence of no vote in British parliament. 325 members voted for her to stay on, 306 parliamentarians preferred to see her go.

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn had yesterday called for the vote of confidence, after May had failed to get the brexit agreement she negotiated with the European Union approved in the British House of Commons.

After several very moved speeches, where the House was noisier than ever, the parliamentarians cast their vote tonight. The enormous divisions of the British parliamentarians are clear from the vote: May could only cash in on her victory tonight. A margin of nineteen votes means that they would have lost the vote without the support of the ten Northern Irish Unionists of the DUP. The DUP did not let itself be emphasized after that point.

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The fact that Corbyn bites in the sand has the consequence that there will not be any new elections immediately and that the Labor leader can temporarily store his ambition to become prime minister. However, the chance is real that Corbyn and his party will argue for a second referendum.

In a speech, the British prime minister said afterwards that she would do everything she could to implement the result of the 2016 Brexitreferendum. That is the job of all parliamentarians, she stressed.

May will sit with the leaders of other political parties in the coming days. On Monday she has to present herself again in parliament with an adapted Brexit plan. There are some scenarios open.